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Átomo N.1

Political Correctness

Newborn magazine, we are in our first issue.

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William Styron and Arthur Miller in Chile

Towards the middle of 1988, after 15 years of military dictatorship …

Jorge Edwards

Alfredo Jocelyn-Holt, historian

In the late 1990s I casually bumped into Alfredo Jocelyn-Holt on the platform …

Juan Manuel Vial

The tyranny of good manners

The sphere of political debate is currently under the threat of being kidnapped …

Sylvia Eyzaguirre

John Stuart Mill and the politically correct

For those that believe in an open society, there’s nothing more important …

David Gallagher

The aftermath of a caricature

The book, The tyranny of silence, by Flemming Rose,1 is a story in first person …

Cristóbal Bellolio

Cult and weakness

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” wrote Friedrich Nietzsche …

Axel Kaiser

Politically correct cinema

The great star of the last prize awarded in the Oscars was precisely the least invited …

Rafael Gumucio

Observing official literature

Some years ago I participated in a lunch that was not very memorable …

Juan Manuel Vial

Indian, old and black

To not call old people old they make up delirious expressions like tercera edad …

Marcelo Rozas

Jonathan Haidt

His trajectory has been long and started in Yale where he read philosophy …

Axel Kaiser

Decalogue of Political Correctness

Immerse yourself daily into the baptismal waters of your sound consciousness …

Enrique Krauze

To laugh or not to laugh

Not laughing or laughing at a joke a person can pass for empathic or an idiot …

Tamy Palma

Some Sylvia Plath´s Ideas

The sun is reflected on the Pacific, over 33 miles in, where there aren’t any waves …

Valeria Barahona

Hollywood’s latest fiction

The cliché often describes Hollywood as the factory of dreams. The possible interpretations are many …

Ernesto Ayala