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The Death of the Patriarchy

With the intent of fighting misandry, the academics who put together this book review the last two thousand years—without very many intermissions—of human history. From the point of view of man, and the social utility of his body, they try to carve out a place for men in the complicated world of gender equality.   […]

Carmen Gloria López

Thoughts on African Feminism

The novels and essays of Adichie, the famous Nigerian writer, showcase a distinct feminist worldview. Her African experience and her noncomformist tendency to reflect produce a feminism characterized by how it values diversity, humor, and tolerance. With an international readership that’s steadily rising, Adichie fights not just Western stereotypes about African life, but also against […]

Isabel Aninat

Eugénie Bastié and Feminism’s Blind Spots

With two incisive and clearly written books published in the last few years, Eugénie Bastié, a young journalist, has earned herself a permanent place in France’s media landscape as the country’s foremost critic of the contemporary feminist movement and its underlying principles.     Until not long ago, Eugénie Bastié spent her time writing articles […]

Patricio Domínguez

The Social Liberalism and Feminism of John Stuart Mill

For John Stuart Mill, the most radical of England’s 19th century thinkers, individual liberty was the highest ideal. And that liberty stood athwart oppression not only from state power in general, or any specific government in particular, but from society as a whole. In this schema, Mill found women to be doubly oppressed.     […]

Benjamín Ugalde

My Stance on Accusations and the Rule of Law

Drawing from Mexican author Marta Lamas’ book, attorney Paula Vial reflects on the puritanical, moralistic, and victimizing rhetoric used to discuss women’s issues. She goes on to analyze how this rhetoric negatively impacts the right of the accused to respond to accusations made against them—and even defend their own dignity, the right of due process, […]

Paula Vial Reynal

The tyranny of good manners

The sphere of political debate is currently under the threat of being kidnapped …

Sylvia Eyzaguirre

John Stuart Mill and the politically correct

For those that believe in an open society, there’s nothing more important …

David Gallagher

The aftermath of a caricature

The book, The tyranny of silence, by Flemming Rose,1 is a story in first person …

Cristóbal Bellolio

Cult and weakness

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” wrote Friedrich Nietzsche …

Axel Kaiser