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2018 will be viewed as a big year in the history of global feminism. That year, a number of social movements, #MeToo, #Niunamenos, and some pro-abortionists (among others) lifted their voices against what they consider to be the restrictions and abuses women face in western societies.   Historically, both men and women have had to […]


Bad Reputation

Almost two years ago in August 2017 I wrote an article that I titled “Antifeminism”. It was triggered by a case that, as far as I know, caused the cup of the cause to overflow. A candidate of the Frente Amplio Party confronted a contender for having treated her badly, which was “more” serious considering […]

Marcela Fuentealba

Chauvinism by the Numbers

Is it a man’s job is to earn money and a woman’s job is to look after her home and her family? So reads one of the questions asked of Chileans (and citizens of 40 other countries as well) by ISSP pollsters, working, in the former’s case, with the Centro de Estudios Públicos (CEP). The […]

Loreto Cox

Biology is not destiny

From the Enlightenment to Simone de Beauvoir, from Stuart Mill to the current feminist manifestations: the underlying idea that transcends time is that no biological condition can justify the hegemony of one collective over another in the network of social life.   Just as with other waves of thought, feminism can be defined in different […]

Valentina Verbal Stockmeyer

Unconscious biases, general rules

The differences in salaries and the career expectations between men and women can’t be explained with just one variable. There are many factors –cultural, psychological– in the nucleus of the economic life of societies, an evident inequality. In the following text the detail of the conditions of this reality are revised.   Women’s salaries are […]

Francisca Dussaillant

Neither pleasure not reproduction

Very recent scientific studies have taken the clitoris away from the haze of indifference that impeded its visibility and understanding. With no apparent function other than pleasure, it traditionally didn’t have the scientific relevance of the penis. According to the author of this text this cultural phenomenon projects social practices that are profoundly rooted in […]

Virginia Gutiérrez

Irene, Lina, and Svetlana

The twentieth century, with its two world wars, the Cold War, its revolutions, and its struggles, was an age of unimaginable technological advances during which the world saw totalitarianisms of various stripes come to be, leading to the suffering and exile of millions of human beings. What follows are the stories of three women who […]

Monika Zgustova

Memoirs of a Proto-Feminist

In the practically colonial Santiago of 1872, Diego Barros Arana’s niece decided to translate John Stuart Mill’s The Subjection of Women, and in a bout of insolence, changed “subjection” to “enslavement”. She was repudiated by nearly all of Santiago’s high-society, but she carried on and lived to witness the first time women got to vote […]

Elena Irarrázabal

Liberum sex, clausum sex

The case for freedom of the seas is fairly analogous to the case for sexual freedom, they are both about eliminating restrictions. But as Grocio, the seventeenth century Dutch jurist stated, the seas belong to no one and their commercial use should be unlimited, whereas in prostitution, the human body clearly belongs to someone and […]

María Blanco

Politically correct cinema

The great star of the last prize awarded in the Oscars was precisely the least invited …

Rafael Gumucio

Observing official literature

Some years ago I participated in a lunch that was not very memorable …

Juan Manuel Vial

Indian, old and black

To not call old people old they make up delirious expressions like tercera edad …

Marcelo Rozas

Decalogue of Political Correctness

Immerse yourself daily into the baptismal waters of your sound consciousness …

Enrique Krauze

To laugh or not to laugh

Not laughing or laughing at a joke a person can pass for empathic or an idiot …

Tamy Palma

Some Sylvia Plath´s Ideas

The sun is reflected on the Pacific, over 33 miles in, where there aren’t any waves …

Valeria Barahona

Hollywood’s latest fiction

The cliché often describes Hollywood as the factory of dreams. The possible interpretations are many …

Ernesto Ayala